A Little About Me

I grew up in North Wales and have had a varied career over the past 15 years, including working for a large charity, spending time in the aquatics industry and gaining a PhD in fish behaviour.  However, I have also had a lifelong interest in dogs. 
My first dog, Noodles, was a retired racing greyhound.  He was a crash course in dog ownership!  He loved everyone and everything, except small furry things,  he wanted to chase anything that was not a human or a dog!  Once I learned how to work with his prey drive, Noodles settled to be an amazing companion who made friends wherever he went.  He loved life and was enjoying himself right up until the end, he passed away in 2016.
In 2015,  Widget joined us, at the age of six.  He is much less confident than Noodles and needs far more consideration of the situations I put him in.  The stress of changing home and fitting into a different lifestyle was very challenging for him and it is fair to say that the first 18 months were difficult for both of us.  However, through learning how to help Widget cope, I have been inspired to change my career to work with sensitive dogs.  I am currently studying for a diploma with the ISCP, and am an associate member of ICAN.  I am fully insured and disclosure checked and hold a pet first aid certificate.