Frequently Asked Questions

Do you walk more than one dog at a time?

In general no, I only do solo walks.  However, if you have two or more dogs, I can walk them together if they are well matched, please contact me for a chat about your dog's circumstances.

Will my dog be walked on or off lead?  

That depends entirely on your dog.  To be walked off lead, both I and you, the owner, have to be happy that your dog has a solid recall for me, and has acceptable behaviour around other dogs and people while off lead.  Your dog will never be off lead when close to a road or livestock.  A good compromise for dogs who are not ready for off lead walks is the use of a long line attached to a harness.

My dog has a bite history, can you walk him?

I will always work with you and your dog to ensure everyone's safety.  It may be that enrichment visits, possibly focusing on muzzle training and building your dog's confidence and trust in me, would be appropriate before we start on walks.  Please be honest if you think your dog may bite, I will not judge and can work alongside you and a trained behaviourist to put a strategy in place to keep everyone, including your dog, safe.