Walks, Visits and Enrichment For Your Dog

Solo Dog Walks

I cater for all dogs, but specialise in walking dogs who need quiet solo walks.  These can be dogs who find other dogs over stimulating, or are very fearful or have medical issues meaning that they don't always want to be around other dogs.  

I will tailor walks to your individual dog's needs.  For dogs who are fearful or become over stimulated easily, I will find quiet places where your dog can build their confidence and learn to relax and enjoy walking with me.   

Enrichment Visits

Of course, physical activity and getting out and about are both very important for dogs, but exercise for the brain is just as important and in some circumstances, enrichment visits can be more appropriate than a walk.   

For some particularly sensitive dogs, the outside world is a scary place and taking time to build confidence and trust in me in the safety of the home can make the transition to going out on walks easier and a calmer process.

Instances such as a dog recovering from an injury or a bitch in heat can be other times when a home visit is more appropriate than a walk.

During a visit, I will take your dog outside for a quick toilet, then back inside for some fun!  

There are a number of activities that I can do with your dog including puzzle toys, scent work and introducing clicker training. I can work with you and your dog to decide which activities will suit your dog best.

Puppy Visits

Going back to work after bringing a new puppy into your life can be a stressful time!  I can pop in for 20 minutes once or twice a day to allow puppy some fun, interactive play, clear up any accidents and take outside to toilet where appropriate.  If your puppy is not fully inoculated yet, let me know and I will take extra care to change outer clothes and make sure that all equipment I bring is is clean.

Walking Buddy Service

Sometimes owners can loose their confidence in walking their dogs.  That can be after a dog attack, or perhaps due to their dog's fearful or reactive behaviour.  I offer a walking buddy service to help your regain your confidence.  I will accompany you on a walk in an appropriate area and give both moral support and step in to intercept other dogs and / or humans as needed.  As you relax on a walk, your dog will feel less anxious too.

I must emphasise that I am not a trainer or behaviourist (although I am working towards it), and this service is not intended to replace the guidance of a properly qualified professional, more to fit along side it.  I can advise on contacting a suitable behaviourist if required.